This page was created for the off-chance that you, the reader, were interested in any of my other writings on this site. I’ve organized them in a way that I (and hopefully you) find easily navigable and closely related. This will be updated with each new entry I post.

In this post I explore the basics of one of the 3 things I try to understand in life – the Universe. I’ve found in one thing when dealing with most people is that they’ve never thought big enough to consider what we are within our Universe. Within, I take you through a little adventure on how large our Universe is and the importance of perspective. If you’ve never taken much time to think of the Universe, this article is a great one to start with.

Within this post on Life I refocus on the absolute and miraculous ability for life to even exist in the first place. and its relationship with people and the Universe. Why does life exist and what really is death? How much do we really value or spend time thinking about preserving life on a global level? What is it that is special that is shared between trees, turtle, hawk, and human that all of us find so precious, and allows us to understand the value of life?

The Aral Sea

The tale of how the once fourth largest lake in the world has turned into a modern day scourge of modern civilization. A dream by a dead union that was so large that it created more severe problems than any solutions. Learn how mankind can trick himself into believing he can have fertile land in a desert, and one of the tallest dams in the world, and a heinous bioweapons facility without any serious negative repercussions. Meanwhile it was a whole ecosystem that suffered due to these decisions that still exist in this polluted, desolate area today.


Who owns the water? What happens if we privatize water? Can anything go wrong? How long will it last? And when things become scarce, who’s going to be in charge of having the water? In this post I ponder these questions and expose some dirty marketing tactics used for the narrow-minded focus of profit surrounding our need for clean potable water. In the 21st Century water is attempting to be made a commodity like any other that you must earn to consume, what are the repercussions to this steadily growing attitude.

Join me as I explore the unique characteristics that make people stand apart from the rest of life. I question why we are different and how for some of our actions we make are not replicated elsewhere in nature. I explore our elite cognition as well as our peculiar need for religion and a single right way to live. Additionally I touch upon the enigma which is wholly our creation – civilization and what that has cost us. Lastly, how do we fit in to the other things I don’t understand – life and the Universe – which we are all apart of as well.


With all this talk about terrorists hating freedom I take a moment to remember where America’s direction was when it was founded and compare it to the direction I see many of Americans looking today. Additionally I briefly explore propaganda, why it’s used, and whats beneficial and detrimental about it. I compare Americas current attitude to that of the Constitution which is one of the longest running. Is what makes the United States great the ability to allow government to protect us regardless of liberty or that we are willing to overcome things that frighten us and appeal to humanity’s greater good allowing maximum liberty?

The Bush Administration (Part I)

A more focused entry on America – particularly the Bush Administration written in late 2007. “The Bush Administration (Part I)” explores the rise of the neoconservatives and their preconceived notion of “the end of history” believing America could not fall from power after winning the Cold War. Often with talk of the Iraq War starting because of Saddam being a “terrible dictator” I show how America has a history of supporting terrible dictators, giving the example of Samuel Doe – one of the worst, simply for America to have a larger global presence. I consider how this would cause those under the rule of Samuel Doe to have a negative, yet justified, reaction to the United States. Lastly I focus on how Christian fundamentalism has driven this new globalized power hungry America of the late 20th and early 21st century.

The Bush Administration (Part II)

In the previous entry I set up the stage for why the Bush Administration has been no less than terrible. In this entry I focus on the problems with the No Child Left Behind Act, September 11th, the Iraq War, the power of corporations within the Bush Administration, the loss of liberties underneath the Bush Administration, torture policies, America’s instigating attitude with Iran, and poor fiscal responsibility (a year before the bailout plan was thought of), and the corruption that underlies it all.

The 2008 Presidential Primaries

In this entry written in late 2007 I discuss popular primary candidates from the left and right and who I choose to support based on the information and logic provided within.


Why is religion so important to so many people? This is the question that underlies my entry. Having a totally unique view of religion I separate it from spirituality and pull apart the hypocrisies found within the world’s most popular organized religion. I show how Judaism, Christianity, and Islam are inextricably linked and absolutely impossible to understand which is the way “God” wants us to live our lives. I discuss how our innate desire for comfort has a profound effect on why we refuse to accept other religions into our lives once we choose one. I don’t forget to mention religions positive aspects, and then I encourage diversity acceptance to handle many of our religious issues.


The creation of civilization seems to be the single most profound endeavor the human race has ever undertaken. It was our shift as a species from nomadic living to stationary living driven by farming that has given us the abundant wealth of civilization. I consider what kind of affect this has on us as a people and I consider the humans left on this planet, few they may be, that do not live in a civilized manner, and wonder if we have misunderstood them for too long. I focus on the negative aspects of civilization and the problems it has caused us, hinting at it going as far as to take humanity’s very soul.

The Congo

The Democratic Republic of the Congo has a bloody and lengthy history. Seeing the world from the perspective of the actual residents of the region, it becomes apparent that civilization’s greed for global control significantly negatively affects those who do not have global desires in mind. From the country once being the largest privately owned land in the world, to despicable slavery, to unceasing war with “respectable” countries constant meddling, it becomes apparent that whole governments around the world are happy to use whole countries for cannon fodder against their enemies.

The North Pacific Garbage Patch

One of the most frequently visited entries on this site I focus on what the North Pacific garbage patch is and what it means to our global civilization. I explain the dangers of plastic, expose questionable pro-plastic sites, and consider new ways of living so problems such as the garbage patch are not problems for our future, our children, and our children’s children’s children’s children.


What is exponential growth and how is related to the growth of the entire human race? Find out in this shocking entry that explains why nobody is recognizing the problems of population even though they are easily explained with simple math. I discuss some ways to decrease population and plead for people to choose the ways that don’t cause mass terror and death.

Biotechnology and Transgenics

My longest and most complex entry I take on the responsibility of trying to connect biotechnology and transgenics to the average human citizen and explain the deep problems that are occurring on this forefront of science and marketing. Referencing a deeply thoughtful book I explain the global repercussions of allowing free-range testing of biotechnology and how allowing transgenes to enter into the wild could have unknown and irrevocable effects. Additionally I call out some organizations and companies, particularly Monsanto, and how they are not holding up to their end of being responsibile for the sake of humanity and life.

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