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Click on the picture to see a free high def movie!

Click on the picture to see a free high def movie!

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Wow! Hands down, I just watched a movie that should be mandatory for every human on this planet. A lot of what I try and talk about on here is expressed through gorgeous high definition images ALL for free right on Youtube!

Home” – the movie that should change your life if you weren’t already thinking like this every day of your life. If you weren’t, you should start doing it now. What this movie says is what you should base all your foundational decisions on. This movie is incredibly moving to me.

Why? First off, this movie is oriented correctly. This movie is filled with stunning images and jaw-dropping facts that most people are unaware of – and yet it’s free on Youtube. This is the kind of people we want making movies in our future. The entertainment industry is deadlocking our court system. With the advent of the internet we do not need the largely bureaucratic systems that were built to promote an artist or a movie. The only people who complain about copyright infringement and stealing are giant corporate bureacracies such as the MPAA and the RIAA. The MPAA and RIAA are the giant screaming toddlers that the United States government pacifies with the granting of retrieving ridiculous amounts of cash wherever they deem an unjustice happened to them. What would happen if the courts ruled against them? What would happen if we persecuted the entertainment industry where agents and promoters were the victims rather than a useless remnant of the 20th century still acquiring an income for simply existing? Where artists had a direct relationship with their fans and created their own mp3s which they could sell or even just give away and they make money by playing a live performance? Where anybody who wanted to make a movie would just fund it and toss it up on Youtube? Like “Home” did. What would we lose if we did such a thing? Such gems as “Night at the Museum” and “The Mummy” series? Bastardized Spielberg versions of “War of the Worlds” and “Indiana Jones”? Jokes such as “National Treasure” or “300” or “Titanic” or “Pearl Harbor” guised as historical but clearly warped? Oh, how terrible, imagine a world where those cookie-cutter movies that are churned out yearly as if from a factory disappeared. Money might actually be spent on something useful. Which brings me to my next point on why I like “Home.”

The movie steps back and tries to look at the world from an outside perspective. It really tries to show you the big picture and how critical THIS MOMENT is right now to our actions as a whole. There is no excuse in ignorance – the facts are clear and laid out and our bureaucratic mechanisms need to respond swiftly. And they shouldn’t be mucking around in the entertainment industry – we’re humans – we are entertained VERY easily. “Home” chooses its images carefully and contrasts where our money SHOULD be going and where it IS going. They show how we build cities in deserts such as Dubai as monuments to our glut at the expense of limited and quickly exhausting resources. The movie throws out important facts that reorient where we want to be and where we are: “The world spends 12 times more on military expenditures than on aid to developing countries.” “40% of arable land has suffered long-term damage.” “Every year, 13 million hectares of forest disappear.”

The man behind this film is a French photographer, journalist, and reporter Yann Arthus-Bertrand. This is a man who apparently cares about the future of humans not living in post-apocalyptic Hell within our lifetime and is calling us to attention with this movie. I can tell you that this man is someone you should take information from because he puts it together and can read the implications. And, as you know from reading this site, the implications are dire. “One mammal in 4, one bird in 8, and one amphibian in 3 are threatened with extinction. Species are dying out at a rhythm of 1,000 times faster than that of the natural rate.”

Also, I liked how it ended. It did give me hope, and I might even admit a tear. Because no matter how much we’ve destroyed or ruined, humans are notorious for perseverance. And we might have to learn a hard lesson, but it would be a shame to have our lonely species annihilated due to our collective ignorance.

But what kills me is despite the beautiful images and despite the important and dire messages “Home” portrays it has only been viewed by just over a million people on Youtube. This thing is way too important to stay so far under the radar. So please – push this movie as I am because this movie should be a basis to a question to all people in charge of anything – what are you doing with what you’re in charge of to align yourself with this situation? Well, what are you doing?

5 Responses to “Home the movie”

  1. Sebastian Says:

    I downloaded this movie but i didn’t watch it yet. A movie i did watch and found good is Earth, even though it doesn’t contain enough warnings about us destroying all life on this planet.

    You know, i was watching some conspiracy theory thing the other day, project bluebeam or something, and i was wondering, how can people come up with these wild things yet overlook such imminent dangers as species extinction, pollution and overpopulation. Sure, I myself believe that we have little idea about what’s going on behind the curtains, but dude. There’s that guy that produced “the obama deception” and “terror storm” and he seemed ok until he went on saying that global warming is just a conspiracy theory created to tax some services more or something. The poor soul that made the “project bluebeam” thing said that cow farts and SUVs didn’t melt the icecaps. They totally lost me with that. What. The. Hell. Things like global warming aren’t theories… they’re events that happen right before us.

    The age when a hollywood movie could change you is long gone. They might change you in that they’ll make you more bitter and jaded, but not more. It’s good to know that at least someone still does something worthwhile. I will definitely watch Home.

    Anyway, it’s good to see you’re still alive and kicking. You’re doing a great work here, i hope you’re not slacking now and the reason you haven’t posted in a while is that you’re creating a 20.000 word article.


    • Sebastian Says:

      Oh and there’s something i wanted to post in while here, and talk about documentaries, there’s this one produced by BBC, “Aftermath” i believe, where they imagine this scenario where ALL humans simply disappear. It’s awesome. In 500 years the Earth will recover even from nuclear meltdowns and there won’t be any trace of us left. That is quite comforting.

      Another thing I read long time ago and stuck with me was from Jurassic Park. Hammond says something like “oh god, the dinosaurs will escape from the island all destroy the world”. The mathematician goes berserk, and replies that we’re all too small to destroy the planet. We may destroy HUMAN life, we may destroy MOST of the life on the planet, but we will not destroy ALL life. Even if the last thing is some bacteria trapped in the polar icecap or a jellyfish or a cockroach, life will prevail. We will only annihilate ourselves.

      It’s like you say, if we don’t have a change of mind about, well, everything, we will disappear eventually. Those nice things we see in science fiction movies or novels, like Dyson spheres or space gardens won’t happen, petty disputes over resources and power don’t bring advancements. And if we don’t change, heh, well, let me just say this, no one will miss us. Not ever our pets.

      So, we either change or get what we deserve, right ?

    • nakedmaninthetree Says:

      It’s definitely nothing short of daunting – the tasks at hand. And while I do have my jaded and bitter moments, and boy do I, I try and be progressive and optimistic. All this bad stuff is simply to remind you to act – act in the most appropriate way you can for your environment. You don’t have the conveniences of some, but you don’t lack total power either. And with whatever power you have, you work towards your goals, despite counter-production, because you have a moral obligation. It is an intrinsic drive, and you have to do your part regardless of the millions (billions?) not doing theirs. Because if you live in accordance with your values, regardless of the outcome, you’ll have no regrets. But of course – we all need to blow off frustration.

      And ultimately in the end, humans around or (most likely) not, the life that does exist in a few billion years will be at the mercy of a dying sun charring the Earth into lifelessness, if not engulfing it. Will anything of this planet be able to get off of it and procreate elsewhere so this billions-of-years experiment with life doesn’t go to complete waste? Unfortunately that’s not for me to answer.

      And I have a big long article gearing up to go. I would love to update often, but even once a month is hard. I only like to update with significant entries, and usually they take a lot of time set aside. I’m working on creating that time as we speak. Thanks for sticking around.

  2. Sebastian Says:

    I understand what you’re saying, yet me not driving a car or recycling or not buying bottled water won’t help the big picture much. Sure, if all that 20% of the world that consumes 80% of its resources would do the right thing, it would matter, we could turn this around.

    The problem is that humans are too reckless and need to be forced to act the right way. When i recycle my plastic bags, i bet some 7 out of 10 people would go “LOL treehugger” or something. Of course, i still try do it, i mean damn man, they give you a plastic bag even if you buy ONE muffin. What a waste. So from the smallest aspects of our lives to the big things like coal plants, dry-docks and whatnot, everything needs to change. How can you change a whole world so drastically ? You can shove a movie in their face and they’ll watch it, but after that they’ll go back to worrying about their bank account and morgage and whatever show is on Fox. And then it will be too late.

    Like the narrator in Home said, we all share the same air and water. One little thing will affect us all. How do you get several countries to band together and force other countries to stop polluting, when power corrupts so much ? When every leader is holding hands with corporations and only lusts for power and wealth ? That’s my real problem, i don’t see any way out of this. Yes, i do live according to my own values and try to do my part, but showing the right way by example doesn’t work. So i take refuge in the fact that at some point, we’ll disappear and life will go on without us.

    We’ve done marvellous achievements, arts and all. It is a shame to let it all go to waste. But every masterpiece fades compared to the wonders of nature. I watched Home yesterday, and up to a point, i thought it was CGI. It’s visually astonishing.

    I read this book a while ago “Day of the ants” or something like that, by a guy Bernard Werber, it’s about an ant that starts the war against humans. Eventually, it made contact with a handful of humans and they manage to communicate. Eventually, the ant understands most of what a human is all about, except three things: arts, humour and love, basically because they don’t serve a practical purpose. Now, i’m pretty hooked up on computer games myself (which i consider a form of art) so I wonder if i could let these things go. Would i burn a forest for the next Metallica album ? Would I destroy an entire specie for the next expansion to World of Warcraft ? In a way, that’s what it takes. Chop down a forest for the album covers/game box, waste thousands of gallons of oil for transportation, burn energy for playing the CD or the game, etc. We’re in too deep and we’re all too blame. So I can’t help wondering how we’ll get out of this and turn things around.

    Anyway, thanks for not giving up on us, can’t wait for your next article !

    • nakedmaninthetree Says:

      I appreciate it Sebastian, and I share your frustration – daily. And the sad truth is the only way we’ll change will be after significant, tangible, and direct causes because, sadder still, that is the only way most humans respond to things (we are, after all, animals)… I will call out to any higher power – be it aliens to gods – that if there is anytime they want to interfere with a species who tried to do right (but often miserably fails) all by themselves with no input from any other species terrestrial or extra… now is the time to help us out. But of course calling to the inky black of space won’t save us now. The best things we can do is know the right way to live and give future generations – regardless of what they WONT have – the right way to rebuild and to coexist with this planet – not against it.

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