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So here’s your situation: You are a man about 10,000 years ago. You head off into the eternal forest to forage for some plants or perhaps kill a deer or something. As you are going along your way you happen to run in to another man and luckily he is able to communicate in exactly the same way you communicate with your family and tribe. He speaks to you. If Christianity existed back then you’d be able to recognize the scenario instantly, but alas it would not come in to existence for still 8,000 more years. It just so happens that on this particular day you are feeling a little sick and it is one of the more meager times of year for food so you’re feeling a little annoyed at the lack of success and energy lately.

The man tells you he wants to show you something. You swear you see his eyes turn red for a moment but then you think better of yourself, you still know people’s eyes just don’t turn red. And from behind a tree he grabs a giant ball that looks like its made of ice. Today we might call it a crystal ball. He holds it up with majesty and tells you to look inside of it. When you approach it you realize you actually see images within the ball. A potential image that flashes across the clear ball might be of the impressive city of Taipei (above). Not just cities flash across the ball, no. People do, their clothes do, lights, vehicles, airplanes do. Everything of our modern world flashes briefly before your eyes while you stand in the middle of the only thing you’ve ever known – forest. All of the different types of widely accessible food flash across the ball, clubs, movies, parties, sports all flash silently across the ball. You don’t know what to make of half of it, but you do know that you are in absolute awe of the powers of the people within the ball.

You look up and the man winks reassuringly at you. You don’t know what to say to the incessant images of indulgences and convenience. Who are they? How do they do it? How have they conquered nature? You’re hooked, you want to know more. The man looks intensely at you seeing you are ready to hear more, “These people have powers you can’t even dream of,” he tells you. You nod slowly in agreement as you look back down at the ball seeing what looked like people dressed up in complete body costumes floating with no ground beneath them in a black void. Then the man’s voice tenses, almost snakelike he hisses, “I can give you these powers.” The intenseness of the way he said it and what he says makes you snap up and stare at him. But the man smiles idly and waits for a response from you. You want to ask how but everything is so overwhelming you can do nothing but start to return your gaze to the mysterious ball of powers. The man continues again, calmly, “I can give you these powers and much more. Not just you, but your family. I can give these powers to your family and even your tribe. To anyone you want.” The desire for it starts to overwhelm you and make you lose composure but you are a dignified person and understand there must be something he wishes for in return. The man continues, “I can even give these powers to your children, and your children’s children… and yes to even their children and their children. You don’t have to hunt tirelessly and starving through the woods anymore. You can have all the material wealth in the world you want. There are ways to heal the sick, there are ways to live longer, there are ways to travel without a step. What would you do for such powers?”

“Many things,” you reply honestly.

“Then there is but one measly thing I ask for in return,” he says offhandedly, “I just ask for your soul.”

The dawn of civilization

And that’s where our scenario ends. A deal with the devil! One of the oldest and most commonly told stories of humanity. Would you agree to it? Or would you disagree to it? Many of us who live with principles would claim to disagree to it. But let’s take a step back and look at our situation for a moment. Most people who use the internet are fully integrated within civilization. Chances are you woke up in your bed which was manufactured for you, and step on to the rug of your house and then go to the fridge to get something to eat which was already prepared for you by someone else somewhere else, then you use the toilet and step into the shower, then you get in your car and on to a road to go to a job which uses various technologies to service other people. You deal more with money than with all of nature in its natural form. Almost everything you touch from morning til night is an unnatural, man-made creation. We have officially created our own world within a world. Too cold? Turn up the heat? Too warm? Turn up the AC. Raining? Go inside, use an umbrella. We have a man-made solution for even the most whimsical problems.

BUT… is this at the cost of our very own soul?! Certainly that answer can not be positive as there are many different interpretations of what a soul is, whether it even exists, and whether it even has to do with religion or just spirituality. We can’t possibly prove that it’s at the cost of our very own soul simply for all the differences. It can be undoubtedly and unendingly argued on how beneficial civilization has been for the human race and perhaps even the world. And why shouldn’t it be? Can you imagine waking up tomorrow, flipping on the morning news to find the major headlines on all news stations: “ALL CIVILIZATION HAS BEEN COMPLETELY AND TOTALLY PROVEN WRONG”? What would happen? Would they expect us to give up our beds we just comfortably awoke from? Our houses? Our appliances? Our toilets? Our money?! Our roads? Our cars? Our governments?! Civilization is constantly unquestioned and pushed by humans for about the last 10,000 years, since the concept became notable along the ancient banks of the Tigres and Euphrates rivers. Basically civilization is popular. At the mention of dismantling it the fear of absolute chaos, loss of medical experts, thoughts of being starving and lonely out in the wilderness fill a civilized persons mind.

This is because civilization is the action of humans domesticating themselves. Why doesn’t the dog run off in to the woods to become wild? Because the owner has trained the dog since birth that to expect food, water, attention and meaning all to come specifically from obeying the owner. Surely if the dog was lost in the woods it would begin to feel desperate and worry about food when it missed his regular meal time. Dogs, too, feel the fear of becoming undomesticated when they spent their entire lives domesticated and following the simple rules of domestication.

And we still have humans on this Earth who are undomesticated. After the irritating 2004 Tsunami in which nature demanded to show off her power (which people constantly minimize) articles began appearing about how some of the tribes in South East Asia handled the attack. One of these articles focused on the Sentinelese. The Sentinelese are a fiercely independent people on an island in the Adaman Islands. Anytime their island is approached by a boat a rainfall of arrows descend upon the boat. They disdain contact from any other people or group and because of their aggressively defensive nature they have one of the most naturally preserved undomesticated cultures in the world.

This person is not shamed by her body… there was never a reason to be

This does not mean, however, that undomesticated people are bloodthirsty and aggressive people. All throughout civilized history the domesticated have come in contact with the undomesticated and many were kind, helpful, and generous. Some were not. Some complained about problems that civilized people just couldn’t understand. Instead of attempting to understand them civilized people dehumanized them, we decided to not look at tribal people as other humans, but as savage beasts, no different than the rest of the animal kingdom. Stories of cannibalism, unwarranted murder, dark magic, paganism, and insanity allowed the civilized people to either remain inactive on injustices to undomesticated people, and in fact become aggressive towards them. “Uncivilized” people like the tribal woman on the right (also from the same stretch of islands as the Sentinelese) have no problem walking around in the nude. Is it because she’s dumb? Is it because she’s savage? Or is it because she, like all the rest of the animals on the planet, have no shame about the body she was given and see it as a free liberty that she was naturally given to expose it as much or as little as she chooses? It is most likely the latter reason, the former reasons are just rationalizations for the civilized people who refuse to treat undomesticated people like people. In fact domesticated (or civilized) people are taught that naked is only meant to be thought of sexually and no other way is socially acceptable. This is such an odd concept. In fact if an alien were to visit Earth civilized people would have a lot of explaining to do on why they are so ashamed to reveal their bodies.

And this is the point – with all the good that comes with civilization, we must be prepared to recognize the bad. This is the soul that the devil asks for when mankind decided to pursue civilization. First of all civilization is invasive. Like locusts or cancer civilization is based off of exploitation which is naturally selfish. If we look at how the world is run without civilized humans but including undomesticated humans we notice that there is no one overarching dominant species. In fact with all the science we use to look at the history of the planet there has never been a single overarching species that permeated all other living beings lives… not even humans… until civilized humans came along. Undomesticated people tend to view the world very different from civilized people and they don’t feel comfortable exploiting. The definition of exploitation is two-fold. It’s “to make productive use of” and “to make use of meanly and unfairly for ones own advantage.” Now “productive” is an opinionated word. What is productive for one has the ability to be unproductive or in fact a hindrance for another. And in the case of civilization, civilization has been productive for people who are obedient and domesticated. It is unproductive and constraining for undomesticated people and animals. Many of these tribes have fallen innocently victim to the wrath of civilization.

When the “New World” was “discovered” by the West, those civilized in Europe were not interested in making a cultural connection with the Native Americans so much as they were interested in what spoils the New World had to offer for European profit. What drives civilized people to become invasive and exploitative is approval from civilized authority figures which will grant them more power within civilization. This power can come in any form that civilization offers it but is all surrounded by money. Does anyone else ever find it interesting that we fight, kill, steal, and work for something that is completely made up and has no useful value other than to give it to other people? Money does not directly feed us, wash us, shelter us, or satisfy us with any specific properties of its own. It is a product of an obedient group of people who call themselves civilized.

One of the many slums of the world - all products of civilization

Civilization breeds dependence. What people were asked to give up for the riches of civilization – the science, the medicine, the material luxury – was their ability to take care of themselves. Slums like the one on the left just did not exist when people were undomesticated. And this wasn’t because they were anymore brutal than civilized people. Civilized people have created the largest wars in the world, have amassed more human and non-human deaths than uncivilized people, civilized people systematically kill their food with no great care given to anything but the sanitation of it (which is forgone in many parts of the civilized world), civilization has tortured more people and forced more people in to slums than uncivilized people. The reason I know this with absolutely no references is because slums, wars, systematic oppression, and dependence can only be overtly found in civilized culture. While undomesticated people fight they do not generate wars or oppression anywhere near on the scale civilization has done in its past and continues to do as a whole. If civilization were a human concept that humans were trying to “sell” to alien worlds it would probably be one of the most scorned proposals ever because of the poor track record we have.

Many will argue that areas such as slums are “uncivilized” but the fact is these areas wouldn’t exist if civilization was not around. Civilization is created by governments and leaders that demand payment, regulations, or relocations which is where slums come from. It’s created when a person or a group of people demand dependence on people rather than the land. The country tends to think it can fit in to the civilized world, and while those who caught on to the game quick all of their troubles became other people’s troubles… magnified. In fact even in the most civilized cities in the world, even in the United States, there are sections of which that reveal the victims and losers of civilization’s rules. Would these type of people not exist before civilization? They probably existed but the family members and tribe were forced to address the issue as opposed to avoiding it completely or putting it in to the hands of a system which does not handle them as individuals.

Undomesticated (uncivilized) people have a connection to the world that very few civilized people can understand. It’s the same connection the animals have to the Earth. Most civilized people will look at animals and tribal people shaking our heads in confusion and continue on with what makes sense to us… which makes very little sense to the rest of the world. To balk at this is to deny the fact that both humans and animals have survived… and survived well for millions of years without a single “convenience” of civilization.

Exponential Growth - thanks to civilization

Civilization also carries another curse, the darkest curse of them all. It will end. While there are probably thousands of analysts attempting to predict the 3rd quarter income of Exxon-Mobil there are comparatively few who are assessing the future for viability of civilization. In fact all the long run predictions for civilization are negative. It took mankind (and civilization) all the way up until the 1800s to reach a population of 1 billion people. By the 1960s it was 3 billion, and only 40 years later it was 6 billion. This is what is known as exponential growth. When does exponential growth become not viable? As the graph to the right shows – very quickly. Civilization has allowed people to continue to survive who naturally would be deselected to survive from nature. And this is why civilization considers nature its arch-nemesis. Who am I to say you don’t deserve your cancer treatment because nature would have intended you to die? Myself included, many of the people I love have survived due to the fruits of civilization. However that does not mean we are allowed to ignore the problem it poses. Certainly I’d be a fool to ask for you to give up any beneficial thing civilization has given you. “Nice try,” you might say, “but this is still the reality that I live in, and whatever the animals and uncivilized people do to survive, I do something different.” But one day the Earth just will not be able to support our man-made empire designed to forgo nature.

Some claim this is the point where mankind goes off to live in space. Hunting for another world to populate and live on forever… or something. This needs to be addressed: the human race is going to have an end eventually. Everything will have an end – you, me, the human race, life on Earth, the planet, the sun, even the Milky Way. Even if humans could get along long enough to lift off in to space being able to travel to another planet that might support not only life, but our life, will be quite a distance to travel. We will have left behind every thing that we have ever known – from the seasons, to how long a day is, to deer, Africa, even what our weight is. Everything would be left behind and we would have to survive first in a dark, cold, non-producing environment surviving on whatever meager meals could be prepared for uncountable years on a space ship. Others claim that religion will come rescue all the faithful and finally teach all those people who believed in other religions because they had family members and cultures that believed just as strongly in their religion as you did in yours a solid lesson in eternal punishment. But this situation is also unlikely due to the lack of proof that any divine being has ever handled this Earth.

Civilization isnt always noble

The truth is even civilized people are very connected to this planet. We still relax from a cool breeze, we enjoy parks, many people have a favorite animal or pet. We belong to this planet and this planet belongs to us. Unfortunately civilized people have a hard time understanding that this planet is a planet that needs to be shared in order to not be cruel and everything against good human nature.

So what is this post about? It’s not about throwing everything away and going tribal. We’ve reached a point where that would not be a workable thing as civilized methods are so prevalent it’d be easy to manipulate people again quickly. As being products of civilization we have an honorary duty to make sure we don’t abuse our powers just because we won’t be punished by a man-made authority figure. Perhaps another sprawling suburb will ruin that much more habitable land for nature as well as suck more power and water. Maybe we can put all our differences aside as a global civilization and agree not to have anymore than 2 kids (preferably less). It’s important to focus on the positive aspects of civilization – literacy, knowledge, health, compassion, liberty, the ability to work as a team… but not use them for the bad parts of civilization – relocation, genocide, control, power, oppression, disease, destruction.

Sometimes the line is blurred and hard to see. But when you focus honestly about it and truly listen to opponents perhaps a decision can be made that is agreed upon by all while it may not be the cheapest and most convenient for any one person. This site will have many examples in the future on aspects of civilization that we should be focusing on making more acceptable to the planet, and perhaps regaining some of our communication which we have since lost with the planet. We had ancestors just like the Sentinelese with the ability to understandThe dusk of civilization the Earth on a level we rarely bother to attempt within civilization. This leads us to disassociate ourselves from the Earth and make up things such as imaginary Gods that have given us the power to manipulate things with the ability that only nature has been able to before. The truth is however we do not carry the wisdom to create like nature creates. The sun, water, plants and the atmosphere all do their part, because of the properties of the Universe, to keep us surviving because we are products of these things. There is no mystery about that and since we already have the proof that these things exist, perhaps these specific things that give us life and allow all of us to experience this planet should be appreciated more, because even if you are religious every last thing on this planet was created by your ruler, so maybe these things aren’t as worthless as many people assume.

Civilization and its obsession with material wealth, its ability to put diversity, nature, and uncivilized people second, as well as its upshooting population it is unable to sustain is a deadly mix when it becomes too powerful. Do you think we have the ability to pull back away from war, oppression, unsustainable actions, in return for more understanding of the planet that created us… or not?



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The view of the United States of America has become deeply distorted in the world today on many different levels by many different people.

Now THATS fuckin’ America!

It only took me a matter of mere seconds to find this image on Google images when typing in the word “America.” And it was exactly the picture I was looking for even though I’ve never seen it before in my life. So how did I know I was looking for it?

American Flag? Check.

Bald Eagle? Check.

And the newly added symbol, the Twin Towers? Check!

It’s official. This picture is as American as it gets. Perhaps a little apple pie should be steaming on a window-ledge in the bottom right hand corner… no, maybe thats too much, yea this picture is perfect. Indeed this image is supposed to fill you with only one feeling: Pride.

The pride this image is intending to instill is supposed to be blinding or even intoxicating. It’s supposed to be a symbol of reminder on what America’s all about: Freedom. Freedom is such an abstract concept that it is actually impossible to define unless you put it to a situation. Freedom by itself simply means “the absence of necessity, coercion, or constraint in choice or action” ( in its most abstract form. And of course the buzzword for the 21st Century is terrorism. America means freedom from terrorism… hence the new World Trade Center symbol. In fact this image can be easily categorized in another category: propaganda.

Propaganda is “the spreading of ideas, information, or rumor for the purpose of helping or injuring an institution, a cause, or a person” ( and most certainly these symbols have “ideas” behind them and they are meant to “help” the “institution” of the United States. The American flag and bald eagle are incessantly paraded about to show true dedication to the American cause. The addition of the World Trade Center is to show how the American cause is a moral cause, a cause to fight terrorism. And in reality, is there anything that is more reviled than terrorists? Not really. Their whole purpose is to cause terror, a word that has a deep meaning in our language, it is a word reserved for one of the strongest manifestations of fear.

But it’s essential to look at America through the perspective of an adult. Images like the one above are misleading, they’re meant to play with your emotions and not evoke your reason and logic. In fact if you see bald eagles, American flags, and WTC pictures somewhere often there is a large chance that the organization, person, or group that uses them are trying to be manipulative because they have little contextual meaning outside of pride (WTC excluded) which is certainly nothing we should be making serious and logical decisions based upon.

The reason why I say WTC excluded is because the Twin Towers have a very separate meaning. For some it is a tragedy, for others it’s a call for retribution. In fact the World Trade Center has meant a sea change in mentality of the United States. Many feel as if America was living in a dream world before the September 11th attacks, and now it’s time to wake up. Enemies of “freedom” are out to get us and we now have to commit ourselves to fighting the evils of this world. But once again, propaganda pictures are not the best way to make logical decisions. Looking at situations individually and critically will certainly yield more fruits to end terrorism than sheer compliance to US authority. Many don’t see it that way.

Nice hair!

So let’s get down to logic! What is the United States of America all about? The picture to the right is not propaganda though I’m sure it certainly could be used for that reason. It is supposed to depict the signing of the Declaration of Independence. The United States of America was founded on revolution. Not many countries can say that about their history. And it is most likely the reason why the United States feels it has a moral responsibility to get rid of evil. England was unfairly siphoning wealth off of those who were already dissatisfied with the country which is why they moved to the “New World” in the first place. Tired of religious persecution and following the whims of a single ruler, these revolutionaries understood just because they had different viewpoints it didn’t make them bad people, they decided to stand up to a tyrant… and won. The story of David and Goliath became historical fact. Americans certainly pride themselves on this freedom from persecution. England was like a top-heavy bureaucracy depending on the hard work of their colonies to take care of their glut, the Americans said no and to this day, over 200 years later, Americans still enjoy our independence from England.

Now free from a tyrant’s rule the men of this revolution decided to draw philosophy from the Enlightenment, specifically John Locke, on how to make sure they could create a country not ruled by tyrants. You see, they realized something extremely profound that most governments have refused to acknowledge even at its most base level… what they realized (to some extent) is that people are individuals who didn’t ask to be born under a set of rules that were not created by them… and that in order for the most coherent rules to stay in tact it was important that citizens had rights, that people in positions of power could be checked and balanced by people in positions in other powers. This is where the reasoning behind the Executive Branch, Judicial Branch, and the Legislative Branch comes in. This way nobody could hijack the country as the King of England hijacked theirs. They believed that they shouldn’t have to pay for taxes on necessities and if a person is just trying to survive and go about their business they shouldn’t be bothered by the government. They believed that a federal government should play a minimal role in your life as opposed to an inflexible demander even though they never even met you or knew your situation. They felt that States should have more authority… this is because States are more local, they have a much smaller area to govern, this would allow for different cultures to flourish and more attention could be spent on individuals. It was a government created so people could live like people… for their own purposes… and not just the pawn of an untouchable ruler. They even believed there should be a level of local government, in towns, where people even decided even more unique rules so that people could harness as much control over their own lives as possible without oppressing the lives of others.

The concept behind this was liberty. Inalienable rights that go along with a human simply for being born on this Earth. This was supposed to keep rulers in check of abusing a human. So everyone got their wigs back on and wrote up the Constitution which contained the Bill of Rights as well. Another wig signing party

And it was a success! For as young as the United States is it arguably has the oldest surviving Constitution on this planet. The success of this is because of how broadly fair it is at recognizing peoples differences. It attempts to remind everyone that they are just as human as the next guy and the one with the more reasoned argument shouldn’t be dismissed or oppressed just for having a different (possibly helpful) viewpoint. Inevitably it was this document that was used to give women and black people rights. The United States of America prided its liberty so much that a giant copper statue, the likes of which is rarely built these days, was made by the French to honor America’s honest justice. Certainly there is no mistaking on what the United States did to pull the West once and for all away from the monarchy rule created in the dark ages. There is no questioning the fact that the United States made many positive contributions to the world as well as many positive people.

However, of course, the United States has not been perfect to everyone. Though that document helped free the slaves and give women rights, it didn’t do so right at the onset. And there is nothing wrong with saying that was inappropriate for the United States. No country has a perfect history, all countries have a dark past somewhere. And while America slowly spread the idea of humane treatment abroad, it still oppressed Native Americans creating a virtual genocide of a multitude of races, cultures and tribes by tricking, disabling, or killing them as the United States filled its manifest destiny. And whether you agree with the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki or not they were still cities of average citizens, no more guilty of political tension than those who worked in the Twin Towers.

But those were not collective decisions that were embraced by all. There is no doubt in my mind that there were many attempts to use violence, force, or submission in the United States history, but at the exact same time each individual made their own decision and that does not mean other people should have to be held accountable for it, especially if they had nothing to do with it. It is our job as current citizens, instead, to condemn such actions, work towards making sure similar situations don’t occur again, no matter what side of the argument you’re on.

What is equally as important is that we don’t embrace our negative actions. Slavery, for example, is a negative action. Viewing another individual as lower than you simply for no other reason than noticing a physical difference about that person is something against our morally adept Constitution. Indeed at the time these men were writing it they did not realize that even those prejudices that were socially acceptable eventually came to light and allowed injustices to be broken down… even the ones they upheld at the time. This is what makes the United States Constitution amazing, it applies to all injustices.


And so state after state came in to existence (though on the blood and oppression of the Natives) creating at least 50 micro-cultures inside of the single country (arguably many more). New York simply did not view the way a state should be run the same way as Alabama which also contrasted with the way Texas viewed it while that contrasted the way Oregon viewed it, which contrasted with the way Hawaii viewed it… and so on. The success of this was the ability for people with different viewpoints to have a say in the way they wanted to be treated. The federal government wasn’t the sole ruler like a King or Queen, there were a great many checks and balances within the federal government and within the states themselves.

However sometimes the federal government had to get involved. Some private companies like the railroad were manipulating people in the very same oppressive way that the country had fought to eliminate. Monopolies sprouted up here and there only for the federal government to knock them down and force fair competition. And it can’t be overlooked that the United States worked on very successful social programs that were administered at the federal level. It was proven that the federal government had the ability to consolidate things yet still allow people maximum freedom.

There’s that word again. Freedom. In this case it’s used to allow people maximum liberties without oppression. And that’s not always easy because if you allow one person to do one thing you are sometimes (in fact many times) not allowing another person to do something. This is sometimes easily justifiable: Man claims property through government, government approved man of claiming property, man builds house on property, and another man, now seeing the value in the property with a house already on it, wants it instead… it’s pretty cut and dry. Man B can not live off the fruits of Man A’s work while ousting him especially with no compensation, not even if Man B is the President of the United States of America.

So it’s at least arguable that the federal government made some beneficial moves in times of need that didn’t necessarily restrict liberties. Social Security, a means of pulling the United States out of the depression, was one such social program. Many people had benefited from a federally implemented program and while it was used as a form of identification, it was only for financial purposes only. In fact before the program became very controversial it was even specified that while it was used for things such as taxes that “It shall be unlawful for any Federal, State or local government agency to deny to any individual any right, benefit, or privilege provided by law because of such individual’s refusal to disclose his social security account number.”

It is interesting to note that currently there is an Act working its way through the federal government that will change the laws to force people to carry a federal identification card at all times in which they can deny you of any “right, benefit, or privilege provided by law because of such individual’s refusal to disclose” his federal identification card.

You do that Miss USA

More propaganda. This time from WWII. A complicated series of wars, the two world wars and the tension created around them lasted decades. However the United States clearly stepped in, with its moral fervor, to eliminate genocide of the Jews and to stop the unification of Europe under a spiteful Nazi Germany. It is clear that Nazi Germany was very much against personal liberties as they did not see the Jews (or anyone but the German people for that matter) as equal to themselves. In a hubris you will only see with a group that has failed to contemplate the purpose of humanity Nazi Germany violently shook the world and the United States and its allies shook it back devastating family after family after family after family…

Did the Americans put Japanese in holding centers? Sadly yes, but many argue the point that genocide was not on their mind when this happened. However no German-Americans were put in to the same camps. Did the United States unleash to the world nuclear war? Yes again. The cost of not doing it, of course, could’ve been weeks, months, or years more fighting the stalwart Japanese military island after island. It is in fact hard to not resort to actions that cause torture, pain, death, and oppression (the very things the United States is supposed to be against). The reason for this is because people generally want to feel safe and in control. When a person does not feel safe and they do not feel in control it is hardly different than riding tied up and bound in a passenger seat of a speeding car driven by a crazed maniac… anything to stop him… it’s your life at stake here. At all costs, when one feels threatened for their or their families very lives, they are willing to create the most morbid of atrocities. War zones are no different than Satanic haunted rituals celebrating suffering, pain, torture, mutilation, desperation, despair, terror, pungent odors, numbness, and death… rituals with no compassion. Perhaps this potential-loss-of-control feeling is how the United States felt when they bombed Japan or interned Japanese-American citizens. Perhaps its how the German’s felt when they were stuck with the bill for WWI. Perhaps this is how the terrorists felt on September 11th… is it that unfeasible?

The success of the United States can hardly be contested by anyone. In fact it became so successful it was able to introduce the idea of globalization: the world as a free market, the unification of medicinal practices, political standards, and human rights. Whether you agree with this idea or not it is because of the United States becoming a global powerhouse that has the USA in a lot of involvements all around the world, not just at home anymore. Metropolises spread across the country, corporations with more income than most countries arose from within, celebrity status was taken to a whole new level in the USA with the advent of Hollywood. Things became so successful that in order for things to be easier to deal with the states lost a lot of their original power to the federal government for implementation of more government programs. Not just millions, not just billions, but yes – trillions were being tossed around because of the voracious American economy. Many around the world originally embraced it and longed to be in a country that was so prosperous, some hotly despised it, some were indifferent to it.

Bad globalization!Good Globalization!

And now we reach present day. Did the United States, so loved and revered by many in its value of liberty, create something bad or good with the idea of globalization that it supports and helped create? For now it’s a rhetorical question but it will be a question to ponder indeed. Some see globalization as a shackle to the world while others see it as people helping people. The United States sits literally as the headquarters of the idea. Does globalization have anything to do with terrorists? Are terrorists against the freedom of liberties or the freedom of globalization? What’s the difference? What American ideals does the United States value today? Is it the direction the founding fathers expected us to go in? Is it the direction the Constitution expects us to go in (arguably the oldest constitution in the world)?

These questions will be addressed and propaganda like both of the globalization pictures (left and right) will only be used for analytical purposes here. On this site we’ll help define what that vague word freedom really is to both the United States and abroad, and whose getting what definition of it. Understandably this isn’t the most exciting entry but trying to understand and help the world needs an inner drive. And as always if you have any opinions of yours you wish to share on this or any other entry I’d love to have it. It may even make me edit or correct some things.


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The picture directly below is of a galaxy that I was the first person on this planet to lay eyes on. I’ve named it Howard and if you’re looking at it right now then you may be the second, fourth, three-hundredth, three-thousandth… you get the idea.

Naked Man in the Tree’s Galaxy

Is that really true? Am I the first person to have ever seen this galaxy for real? The answer is quite possibly yes! The reason that is possible is because I joined a website that helps identify galaxies called Galaxy Zoo. In order to understand more about galaxies a project called the Sloan Digital Sky Survey scours the depths of the Universe in search of a mere million galaxies. The initial purpose of this is so astronomers can understand how galaxies are formed. Since the images are taken automatically they don’t touch human eyes, however in order to classify the galaxies Galaxy Zoo is asking you (and me) to look at them for them, and classify them. It’s almost brainless work but in order to help scientists understand our Universe better it is also important work.

Howard is part of the Universe. And the Universe happens to be one of the three things I don’t understand. If you’re interested in learning about the other two things I don’t understand, check out my entries on people and life. The Universe is the ultimate ruler, the God of man, the God of life. It is the Universe’s rules in which we are solidly bound to. It is such a tyrant that if you even attempt to break one law, there will probably be serious repercussions. The Universe rules with an iron fist, ready to crush anything that attempts (but always fails) to create its own governing laws. Life is bound to the rules of the Universe and yes, even humans are bound to the rules of the Universe. The Universe is sincerely a perplexing thing. However, like lawyers, humans are good at manipulating those laws to their favor.

Indeed the Universe is so complex that scientists are yet to even really understand it. People are thrown for a loop after loop when trying to study the Universe. First they realize that the Earth is not the center of it, which was hard to accept, then we find we’ve been living oblivious to the law of gravity all this time, then we find that gravity isn’t instantaneous and then we even discover light isn’t instantaneous. In fact we learn that when we look in to the sky at night, when we gaze our eyes deep into the sky, yes even if we could focus our eyes on Howard, we are looking at a past that does not exist anymore. Howard, the way we see him in this picture, is significantly changed now in his deep corner of the Universe. And it’s even possible he could be vanished entirely at this very moment (however it’s still improbable).

The Universe teaches us one of the most important lessons of people, life, and the Universe. This Universe is about perspective. I bolded perspective because this is the way I try and view everything, through other perspectives. It’s interesting when you take this age-old Universal law and apply it to your everyday life how magnified and minimized things can become, in fact how distorted everything becomes.

Don’t believe it? Let’s try it right now. Let’s begin to look at the solar system in perspective of the Universe:

Planets for dinner

As we can plainly see here, when we are talking about things on the scale of the sun the Earth is hardly a pixel, and you… who are you? If you’re interested in the distance between these planets and the sun from each other there is a to-scale website that shows you. And indeed the Sun itself, the powerhouse of life on this planet, the true life-giving God, is eclipsed and almost forgotten in the amalgam that is our own, Milky Way galaxy:

Even with the planets worshiping it the sun is just another face in the crowd

Even with the Milky Way being so huge, the sun can even be eclipsed simply by other stars. At this scale we’re talking about, and we’re not even near the largest of the scales of the Universe, humans have become all but insignificant. Have you ever stepped on an ant without even realizing it? That’s more significant than you are to the Universe. Even if you became dictator of the planet you would still be smaller than an ant under a sneaker. Indeed if the sun were to explode and take us with it right now,the galaxy would be wholly unaffected by the incident. The destruction of life, Earth, and the sun would be nothing more significant than losing one of the mites in your eyebrows. But it doesn’t even end there. The Milky Way is part of a gang of galaxies known as the local group:

This is a Neighborhood Watch community

The Local Group is a group of galaxies that all hang out relatively near to the Milky Way Galaxy. The two biggest galaxies are the Milky Way and the Andromeda. Light travels at 186,000 miles per second. So fast that when you turn a light on in a room, it fills the room with photons almost instantaneously. However it takes 8 full minutes to get light from the Sun to the Earth. Which also means that if the Sun were to magically explode now it would take 8 eerie minutes for us to witness it on Earth. For 8 solid minutes while the sun is rupturing in the likes unknown to humanity, for 8 solid minutes while it happened we would continue in our ignorant bliss taking it for granted. We would continue our fighting, bickering, torturing, and plundering for 8 continual minutes and then everyone, indeed everyone would stop, look up, and I can only hope reflect. Chances are they’d run in panicky fear… to where I have no idea.

While light takes a mere 8 minutes to get from the sun to the Earth it takes 4.2 years for the sun to send a packet of light to the nearest star. However the Milky Way is so big that it contains anywhere between 200 to 400 billion stars and for a packet of light to be sent from one end to the other it would take over 100,000 Earth years for it to make it. Yet in that same time you’d have only made it to the center of the the Andromeda galaxy. It would take that same packet of light to travel a total of 200,000 years to simply travel from one end of the structure to the other and it contains over one trillion (1,000,000,000,000) stars. Here’s a trivia fact, if each star was $1 it would take 9 Andromeda galaxies to come close to removing the national debt of the United States (I was initially going to say not even the US National Debt was that much, but I just learned otherwise).

Artistic perspective!

While it takes light only 200,000 years to cross the Andromeda Galaxy, it takes about 2.5 million years for light from the Andromeda Galaxy to reach us here on Earth. Humans as we know ourselves did not even exist on the Earth 2.5 million years ago. While this light traveled its long distance from the Andromeda Galaxy 2.5 million years ago a lot changed. While it flew through space at the fastest known speed in the Universe humans came in to existence without a single tool or wheel or knowledge of fire. However 10,000 years ago when agriculture was first discovered by humans this photon of light still is going breakneck speed heading directly to Earth. The Byzantine Empire, The Greek Empire, the Roman Empire, and British Empire had all risen and fallen and this photon still didn’t reach Earth. Then finally- today- you walk outside, well after World War I and II, well after the Cold War, and look up dully at the sky and light from the Andromeda Galaxy finally hits your eyes, the light that left its home before modern humans existed. And today, right now, in the Andromeda Galaxy any given star has the potential to see the light from the Milky Way Galaxy, and what they see is a Milky Way Galaxy that has not had humans on the planet Earth yet. This means that even if there were people alive currently in the Andromeda Galaxy and they sent messages out to the Milky Way at light speed, it’d take 2.5 million years for us to receive the message and chances are we aren’t going to live that long.

So what did the Andromeda Galaxy look like 2.5 million years ago? Look in to the sky and you’ll find out. What does the Andromeda Galaxy look like today? Wait 2.5 million years and you’ll find out. In other words- if the Andromeda Galaxy were to magically explode at this moment in the most massive explosion ever to be witnessed in our skies, we would not see it happen for 2.5 million years. The Andromeda Galaxy, theoretically, could’ve exploded over a million years ago and yet because the light of that hasn’t reached us yet we are still looking at the pre-exploded Andromeda Galaxy.

And that is just one galaxy from our local group. Our local group contains roughly about 20 galaxies. In the observable Universe there are probably more than one hundred billion galaxies. I know no human can really imagine the size of the Universe to contain that many galaxies with the vast distances that are virtually impossible to conceive already with just our local group. However Science still gives us a few numbers to ponder anyway: While the Big Bang appeared to have happened only a mere 13.7 billion years ago, the actual size of the Universe seems to be older than the oldest things inside of it. It seems that the Observable Universe is roughly 46.5 billion years in all directions.

A recent free-flying trip for an astronaut

Why this is scientists really couldn’t tell you, even though they have plenty of theories to propound. Such as the Universe actually being smaller than the Observable Universe or perhaps larger. There is still a lot to be studied about the super-massive place. The point is, the whole point is, is that it’s still in debate. There are a lot of perspectives to look at before we can figure out what the deal is with our tyrannical and colossal Universe. A great way to really see these perspectives is to check out the Nikon Universcale.

It’s true that while scientists understand many laws of the Universe, they certainly are confounded by some. When Albert Einstein proved his Theory of Relativity (the Universe’s laws that govern the large things, like galaxies) it has repeatedly been proven to such a certainty that to call it wrong would be sedition. If you are a scientists who throws out the Theory of Relativity, other scientists will call you not a scientist. Yet at the same time Physics (the Universe’s laws that govern small things, like atoms) lives in direct violation to the Theory of Relativity but has been proven to be equally as correct.

This has led to a race with scientists to search for a Theory of Everything (ToE) which has involved everything from invisible strings that almost musically create matter to alternate dimensions. Since scientists don’t know the answer to everything should we dismiss what they do know because it doesn’t answer all the questions? No. Simply because their findings and projections are based on empirical data. Empirical data is important because it is documented and proven unlike many things people tend to base their beliefs on. Does this mean if scientists figure out the ToE that all questions about the Universe will be solved? No way! Just because we understand the laws does not mean there is not more to the equation.

However it is the laws of the Universe that have a direct effect on life and people. Even if we found out the ToE it would not automatically solve the foggy mist surrounding the origins of life or why people are acting in such a way that people do. The questions I propose to address on the Universe are few but simple but probably improbable to find out the answers to:

Black Eye Galaxy

Why does the Universe exist?

What is happening within the Universe?

What do the laws of the Universe have to do with people and life?

Why do people exist within the Universe considering their insignificance and limited time?

How does time, speed, light, and mass all bury what we thought were solid perspectives?

What is truly impossible and what is only perceived as impossible?

…And so on. The Universe is daunting but is always fun to learn about because things we keep finding out about it rock our world as people. When people initially found out the world was round or wasn’t the actual center of the Universe it was absolutely blasphemous to consider and Religion even went as far to oppress such an idea. Certainly we can learn a lot from the Universe… considering that is where we’re from, we might as well.


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Q: What do you think about when you see the picture below?


Some places where dead are below

A: You probably thought of death.

And while this is a graveyard, a sort of place only humans could think of, life is abound within the picture. Not so much in the cornfield in the background and not so much the individual leaves still remaining on the tree. Many of them are also dead, only they don’t get their own stones, why?

Certainly it isn’t because we don’t appreciate the work of the corn or leaf, is it? Well let’s hope not because that corn is probably going to be fed to cows or used to produce a biofuel. Those leaves are going to give nutrients to the soil which will help feed the next round of crops that invariably have human worth. And what are the dead people going to do? Store themselves deep in the Earth where nothing grows in an impenetrable box and have a giant cut stone resting at the surface.

Hardly the most useful dead beings in the picture humans still don’t typically question this ritual (if it is within your culture). However, this entry isn’t about humans, in fact if you’re interested in my beliefs about people, check that link right there. No, this entry isn’t about people, it is in fact about one of the other 3 things that I don’t understand: this entry is about life.(If you are interested in the other two things I don’t understand, check out my entries on people and the Universe.)

Life is prevalant in the above picture but since people are always so centered around the topic of people, the life in the above picture probably never crossed your mind. As far as the camera can see there is an abundance of alive, yet very thirsty (or perhaps dying), grass. Out of the cameras view or perhaps too small for the camera to see are the small birds potentially in that tree (and if not, they aren’t far off), the worms digging through the ground, the insects making their way across a steppe of everlasting trim grass.

Yet death plays an important role with life because it is the concept that meets every body and thing that reaches the end of their journey in life. There are no surprises here. As kind and giving or as cruel and cold life may have treated us for any variety of reasons we reach the bitter end to find Death awaiting to collect our souls and, truth be told, nobody knows where the journey goes after that.

Death by this guy

And this is why we fear Death. He’s exactly the type of guy who will come up to a tiny bunny in the middle of the frozen woods and relieve the tiny bunny from life and even refuse him the decency of telling the bunny where he’ll be sent! So people have some theories about this: Some people think it’ll go to bunny-heaven, others think it’ll not go to any heaven because it’s not as important as a human, still others think the bunny will just cease to exist in any living form period… NO heaven… NO nothing!

But the reality upon reality is we have no damn clue WHAT is going to happen to that bunny when it dies. Hell, nobody knows whats going to happen to themselves when they die. Sure you’ll hear theory after theory, but in the end there is just no damn proof exactly what happens to any given living individual. There is a tree in California that is approaching 5,000 years old. Forget the advent of electricity, the “discovery” of America, the middle ages, the Roman Empire, Jesus, the Shang Dynasty… no, this tree was alive when hieroglyphics was in style! And do you think this tree knows what happens to it when it dies? Well if it does it’s certainly not going to tell any of us, but I’m still going to go out on a limb here (pun intended!) and suggest that the tree does not have an idea what will happen to it when it dies. Yet from the moment we’re born, even from the moment we’re conceived, death lurks behind every corner, waits at the bottom of every slippery staircase, in the no-mans-land in Western Sahara, in the nearest nuclear reactor, and even inside other life forms!

So naturally the question arises: Why is there life? If every last one of us are germinated or born or whatever ONLY to have a stalker that wants to remove us at some point in some fashion, be it cruel or merciful (but always 100% accurate), why are we even born in the first place? Why not just not exist and save everyone the trouble?

Immediately at this point Religion obnoxiously bounds to the foreground and like an obedient dog propounding out-dated, loosely interpreted, largely unreliable, separate context, ambiguous, tedious, and questionable messages that are supposed to fill our lives with meaning. I will not go in to why that is, that is once again more discussed in my article on people. However Religion often does not match up with what many people would agree to be an ideal world. Religion has probably shed the most blood and committed the most torture out of any other human concept. So what can we turn to for answers? Is religion totally wrong? That’s a bold claim to make. However I suggest we really open our eyes and realize where we are in the Universe. The Universe is a vast, empty, space with just a sneezeful of matter sailing through the Universe. And on most of that matter, as far as we know, is not filled with life.

Yet there is one planet we know that is like a round ball of rotting bread… teeming with life. Every DAY we are confronted by the miracle of life the minute you confront another person or step outside or water a plant. People take life for granted so easily that they rarely consider how important it is both mentally and physically to them every day.

I don’t have the article on me, but you can take it from me it’s true, it has been found that when astronauts garden when up in space for long periods of time it tends to relax them. People are so desperate and needy for life that even if we could somehow survive in space we couldn’t do it alone for long. Nature relaxes us. Animals adore us. Life is most definitely essential especially because we, humans, are in the gang of life! But the question slowly creeps back, again and again, like a cockroach just out of stomping range, why is there life?

My answer? I don’t have a God damn clue. That is why it is one of the 3 things I don’t understand…

Giant Ball of Life

What I do understand is that doesn’t mean we’re totally screwed on figuring out some important things about it. Sometimes its hard to talk about the importance of life because some narrow minded people will quickly lump you in to some “environmentalist” category as if the environment didn’t apply to us all. The facts are we as people can not survive without life and it is also the very driving force behind everything we think we are and everything we think we know.Life should be upheld with the most sobering of importance. Yet we are a species of harvesters and it is hard to look humanely at our resources, it is easier to think of them as not alive, as if they are absolutely nothing like us.

But we aren’t going to be those kind of guys! We’re going to rationally acknowledge the importance of life, the implications of removing life, and delve in to the history of life all to help understand why life is so important. Why it’s worth delaying the enemy (In many cultures Death is not the enemy). Even questioning if Death is an enemy. Questions I plan to be focusing this site around in terms of life is the following:

What is the importance to life?

What does religion have to do with life?

Why is life sentient as opposed to inert like everything else in the Universe?

What are we (the living) reacting to in order to make each of us the way we are?

Can life forms communicate with other life forms that aren’t from the same species? (I say obviously yes, but how much is the real question)

Are we as people not communicating with other life forms as well as most other life forms due to our hubris?

What is life in relationship to death?

Where is life appreciated?

Where is life not appreciated?

What knowledge can we gain from that?

What is going on with the study of manipulating life as in biogenetics?

How does not knowing the purpose of it effect what we do?

…And other similar questions. It is important to recap what I’ve reiterated in my other initial entries. Life, People, and the Universe are the 3 things I don’t understand. Each one poses some serious questions that I am interested in answering, however they are all inter-related and act on each other. Life comes from the Universe which people are subject to both of their laws, while life is only subject to the laws of the Universe (however one can now make the argument of humans making laws for life now too with biogenetics). Each of the three things has some unique characteristics that make it enigmatic and important to think about. It’s important to take these concepts slowly and compile thoughts on individual topics to perhaps recognize a pattern with any of it.

So maybe we can put the ego away for a little bit. Maybe thinking about life isn’t about being a hippie or environmentalist or a pussy, maybe it will actually make you think a little bit before you act in this increasingly whimsy world. Being from the United States many of my point of views will come from that background, but much of the Western and many times still the Eastern world still apply to things I’ll be talking about. Indeed, I am speaking as best I can on a global level, while some things might not be as far reaching. I’m talking about hopefully learning some truths of the Earth, figured by reasoning.

Now maybe you can think a little bit, what do you think about life?

What DO Polar bears think about life?

What do they think about life?

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I have a confession to make:

I don’t understand people.

Spencer Tunick Kunst Palast

Perhaps you’ve heard of Spencer Tunick before. He happens to be the man who clicked the camera creating the above picture. Believe it or not this man has made himself internationally known because he takes pictures of people… naked. You might make the inaccurate assumption that the reason why I don’t understand people is because they are willing to take such eccentric photos or even make a profit off of them. That is not the case.

Let me explain something. I’ve narrowed it down to 3 things that I really don’t understand in life. That’s right- only three.

The first thing I don’t understand is the Universe. Since my childhood I’d look up at the stars and let my awe slowly take grip at such sublime distance. Certainly it is hard to give a sincere argument on why you should exist in such an eclipsing vastness. And even today with science pushing the boundaries on understanding, the Universe still escapes meaning. It happens to be the place we exist in, and it happens to also be very large, and with current technology it also happens to be a very lifeless place which does little for our mood. However there is potential hope for life elsewhere, but even if there was, so what? It still does not answer the “why?” of the Universe. This topic will be explored in a different entry.

The second thing I don’t understand is life. Life is about the most incomprehensible thing there is. While the Universe dishes out the laws, it wouldn’t matter this way or that if there wasn’t a sentient being somewhere to follow them. Sure- the elements would still be smashed and stars would still be nuclear furnaces but if there was no life there would be no recognition of this. Rocks, dust, and elements do not have feelings, no matter how baseline, on the matters of the Universe. A deer however still becomes desperate in a lifeless winter, a plant cranes its body just for a taste of sunlight. Life will also receive its own entry.

The third and final thing I don’t understand is PEOPLE. Let’s pretend for a moment that we can start to get our heads around life. The one thing I do understand about people is we have the ability to recognize patterns in a way that no other being on this Earth can. With this skill we are able to make some relatively fair assumptions about life (without the element of people involved).

Life is diverse. Life is mutually beneficial. Life largely depends on both the diversity as well as other life.

Whether it’s the bees working together with the flowers or those fish who suck the scum off of whales, life is not only diverse but it works together for a mutual gain in any situation where two forms live around each other for a fair amount of time. The birds use trees for their nests, the trees use soil for their nutrients, the worms pound soil to loosen and fertilize it.

We know this as the circle of life, wildly popularized by Disney’s film The Lion King (come on- you remember the booming rush you felt when Simba was raised up over the savanna.) The reason for this circle seems logically obvious. The Universe, remember, is unforgiving when his laws are broken so life collaborates with each other for survival under the oppressive Universe. However, when life seems to follows the rules of the Universe, they have the ability to flourish under the right conditions. Earth has enough autonomy against the government of the Universe to create a very special enclave of being collectively known as life. The Universe allows the Earth to make unique conditions that make it possible to thrive where elsewhere in the Universe life would quickly parish… say… 10 miles up for example. So under these conditions life comes up and obeys the very special rules that was created ultimately by the Universe but exclusively the Earth. Life understands to some extent that working collaboratively is useful for mutual survival.

At this point someone might have the idea of Simba running through the savanna and mowing down a gazelle, not just any gazelle, but a baby gazelle. And when Simba grabs it by its neck it only punctures a hole in its throat making it harder to breath, tripping and breaking its leg as Simba tumbles over it and slashes its face open and immediately feasts. That, one might argue, is not very collaborative. And because of the laws of the Universe sometimes life has to act harshly towards each other because life requires life to survive. However Simba will not hunt down a gazelle’s whole family or whole herd and kill them all. On some level the lion understands that if he does that there will be no more gazelles. Many predators leave their prey unharmed if they are not hungry. Diversity is important for every species on this planet and if any species comes along and becomes invasive, the diversity enables the invasion to be only a limited range and easily combative. Having only one type of ecosystem will be much more harshly affected by an invasive species than a diverse environment. This is because there is a higher level that the invasive species will meet a predator who has followed the rules of the Universe in such a way that they are the “rock” to the invasive species “scissors” in our game of life rocks-papers-scissors. An invasive species in a uniformed environment would be like a world of only paper that a pair of scissors found.

Dont litter

Now let’s step out of the abstract and compare these rules of life to humans:



Humans don’t want diversity, they marginally take account of the fact that other species are competing for some land on this planet, and they are always willing to sacrifice more life for some more convenience.

Imagine yourself an alien with the capability to travel through space. Let’s pretend you’re a relatively reasonable alien in my terms and you are searching out other planets to meet new life forms for both scientific and spiritual reasons because understanding why life works the way it does on other planets surely gives you more insight on it than just studying it on your own. Now let’s pretend you find the planet Earth in the 1930s and as you scan the ground you happen to notice this going on. Perhaps the war going on in other parts of the world. Would you want to risk stopping? Probably not.

Humans, apparently, decide it’s okay to just spend an uncountable amount of time unifying everything even if it comes to torture and unnecessary death. Nowhere else on this planet do you see life preying upon life in a genocidal rage. Nowhere on this planet do you see a species as divisive as ours. While the preying mantis may eat the head of its mate, it seems ritualistic, even expected. Mankind wars at expense of everything.

Mankind is constantly encroaching on more and more species land endangering and even killing off species as they go. While the argument goes, Species are always being created or becoming extinct, we are the cause for many of these extinctions (which I will prove at some point I’m sure) but more importantly it shows no signs of stopping, but in fact speeding up. The human population is growing at an exponential rate which ultimately means we will reach a point where there are too many people to inhabit the planet sustainably. This is just using the simple math… there are going to be too many people one day to where it’s a problem. This fact is ignored completely… even though some may argue that time has already come.

This is important because it goes back to the idea that life depends on diversity to survive… but mankind, for some reason, has actually no desire for diversity at all. This is obvious when it comes to organized religion. The friction between most major religions is explosive and it is amazing how so many people are dead sure about something nobody has any serious proof about. In fact the idea of creating a diverse ecosystem is eclipsed by the idea that mankind was actually put upon this Earth as a divine species above all others. While it’s easy to see the material benefits that we flaunt, emotionally our species is a wreck. We are so desperate many of us will cling to a religion just because it’s comfortable being right and surrounding yourself with others who think the same thing and not actually questioning some very foundational principles.

“Jesus born of a virgin?” asks the alien from space.

“This book, this book tells it all.”

“How do you know this book is true?” the alien asks curiously.

“It isn’t true!” declares the Muslim, “Well not all of it… there was another that came after Jesus, he had God’s final words.”

“God? What’s God?” the alien asks amazed.

“He is the creator of all things. He communicated to us through this book.”

“How do you know?”

“This book tells us.”

Circular reasoning! A-ha! I knew it. Aside from all the conflicting views all of them come down to circular reasoning no matter how hard they believe their religious writings are fact. The skit could’ve been longer adding in the Hindu’s belief of multiple God’s, the Buddhist’s explaining how Buddha intertwined with it, all conflicting and stubbornly unresolved. The alien will cringe at the sound of harsh retribution he will face either in this life or the next if he doesn’t adhere to any single one of them. Quickly the alien would fly off warning others to avoid Earth because it is an Asylum for an insane race of species.

Looking in to history there is not another single species that had the hubris to create what we have created. Now with saying all of the negative above I am a largely positive person and I recognize and admire many of the beautiful and helpful things that humans do. It is a paradox how humans can be both so coldly evil and extraordinarily amazing. We possess the ability to be more compassionate than any other being on this Earth. And this is why humans demand to be looked at as individuals because each has their own ideas on how they are going to carve the world around them to his or her pleasure. The reason why I am focused on this negative aspect of the human race is because it is the race in which I belong to. It is a problem that has cursed man since the creation of civilization about 10,000 years ago. It was as if mankind really did make a pact with the devil, perhaps he met a witch somewhere which gave him magical powers with a curse, or perhaps a genie with a trick, or a gift granted by Dionysus himself as King Midas did.

King Midas looking pretty bummed

As suspected King Midas looks pretty bummed (picture right). This is because this is a classic story that illustrates that material wealth isn’t the only or most important thing in our lives. Perhaps if King Midas stayed reasonable he would’ve understood that this would effect the things he ate as well as people he loved. The civilized world is very materialized and everything from plates to skyscrapers could be considered part of the “everything we touch turns to Gold” wish. Mankind is perhaps not looking at how his material wealth will effect his family’s drinking water or a family he loves. Perhaps he is not thinking about how thinking of animals as product that needs a marginalized economic cost will effect what eating it will do to your body. Mad cow disease, growth hormones, biogenetics… perhaps issues more worthy of addressing than gay rights?

So basically many of these entries to come will be about people.

I will be focusing on issues such as:

How is the exponential population increase effecting the world at large?

Why does mankind seem to be the only species that is divisive enough to wage war on itself?

Why does mankind have a tendency to value life so little?

Why is organized religion so important for people when each provides as little proof as the next?

Why do people often turn to corruption once in positions of power?

In what way does civilization play a role in all this seeing as this was not a problem for the human race until civilization came to be?

Where is mankind harming or disregarding life?

Where is mankind being divisive and oppressive?

Where is mankind corrupt? (these questions are fair and important and shall be provided)

Why can mankind be so compassionate and cold?

Why is mankind not following the age-old diversity-works theory? (it survived a meteor!)

Why is mankind so proud of his material possessions and so curt with his life providing gifts?

What role does mankind play in the Universe?

Why does mankind disassociate itself so much from the rest of life? (Club Exclusive)

…And other questions of similarity.

This article was largely abstract and it was meant to be. This is why I’m interested in people. This is why I don’t understand them. I bolded the three things I didn’t understand a lot to show how one, in effect, relates a lot with the other. People are certainly still bound to the Universe’s rules, as we are to Life’s as well. This is why while this article focused on people in comparison to life, I was focusing on the understandable aspects of life. The things I don’t understand about life will be focused on in a separate article. So all three of these parts are very related but each are missing pieces of the puzzle.

These big questions aren’t going to always be this abstract. This was mostly to explain the analytical direction in which I’m looking at people. I’m attempting to be as culturally open and accepting as I can be to understand the chasms between them but perhaps find a place within each to build bridges. Perhaps some reasonable philosophy about humans… by humans… can be created. We can go on a naturally fair hunch that people can use reason and compassion at the same time without being so hopeless as to need a potentially fictional being to guide them (God, Jesus). I am not being demeaning when I “insult” religions by calling them potentially fictional. It’s nothing personal… it’s just the proof just isn’t there! And mankind’s drunken desire to unify everything is… so I’m afraid I’m reasonably going to assume that there is something in mankind that desires to unify everything which is the root of all of these religions. A desire to unify. I am even trying to unify life, people, and the Universe openly on this site (I am not immune)… but I want to do it in a way that doesn’t make evil enemies. Acting on your intense desire to unify is a good thing and I encourage it, but don’t become too intoxicated by it that you stop seeing people as people… and you see them as something you can torture, kill, ruin… even without knowing their name.

Things such as the Iraq War, the Vietnam War, the Holocaust, the Second Congolese War… there are no innocent hands in these situations. Taxpayers, to soldiers, to presidents, to dictators, to proper citizens, to improper citizens… nobody is entirely guilty either. What is certain is nobody is going to lay down and accept the guilt unless forced. And even when that happens it is a pathetic shell of the truth. Many refuse to ask and solve the question “What could I do in my life to make this better for myself and everyone else?”

I’m going to assume this is an unnaturally long and perhaps dry entry. However I can not go in to what I am going to do with this site without laying down the complicated, yet tedious task as to why I’m doing it. People seriously amaze and stun me! And I don’t understand them. I understand perfectly well the desire to want to create art of mankind in his and her natural body form. We are the only animal who puts on clothes, every other animal is as naked as everyone in Tunick’s pictures. In fact, maybe now you can look at one of his pictures a little more seriously now. Hundred’s of people breaking free of their bonds but still surrounded by their world of King Midas gold.

More naked people

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