I Am Still Alive!

Whoa! You still check this website?! Good for you! For that you shall be rewarded with my new website: Sustainable Diversity. Now I hadn’t updated this site in over a year, but in that time I have been reading, organizing, collecting information, and writing drafts for my new site. Things have actually been pretty crazy for me. When I left you last year in March, I was about to graduate with my Masters in Education. I did that, I had a full time job, and I was still working on information for my new site. But then, would you believe it, I got laid off due to budget cuts and now there are no more teaching jobs in my state! Uh oh! If any of you have any employment opportunities let me know!

Come see Sustainable Diversity in which I use this image of a giant expensive telescope that will be forever launched from the Earth to promote sustainability and diversity! Credit: NASA

But let’s celebrate instead of worrying about me not having employment. I am giving all of you who have been following the writings of Naked Man In The Tree the first exclusive look at my new site: Sustainable Diversity. Sustainable Diversity has been a brain-child of mine since I was actively updating this site. I hope to maintain and nurture this site regularly (like 3 times a week at least!).

I plan on using Sustainable Diversity as a home for my projects that are all in the same vein as Naked Man in the Tree. My initial Sustainable Diversity project is on Copyright, and it’s the longest project I have taken on yet! Ideally, I’ll even rewrite some of these Naked Man articles and comment on how things have changed since my initial article. Also, I have plenty of new material I wish to do after my copyright series (I can’t wait too, I’ve been thinking about copyright for well over a year).

Sustainable Diversity has new features not found on Naked Man, for example:

Finally, although I have personal projects (like my copyright project) that I will be working on, I want Sustainable Diversity to be a place to showcase the works of others who are also working to understand things more clearly and make this world a better place, specifically a more sustainable and diverse place. At least twice a week (after my first week) I will be updating and showcasing the projects of others. In time, I hope Sustainable Diversity can have multiple contributors, specifically others who are working on projects as well and want a more sustainably diverse world.

So what are you waiting for? Come see what’s going on at Sustainable Diversity:

Sustainable Diversity Website

Sustainable Diversity tumblr updates

Sustainable Diversity podcasts